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Factless fact table - in this article you will learn about what factless fact table is and when to use them effectively in dimensional modeling a factless fact table is a fact table that does not have any measures it is essentially an intersection of dimensions it contains nothing but dimensional keys in data warehousing a fact table consists of the measurements metrics or facts of a business process it is located at the center of a star schema or a snowflake schema surrounded by dimension tables factless fact table are fact tables that have no facts but captures the many to many relationship between dimension keys we ve previously discussed factless fact tables to represent events or coverage information summary in this tutorial we will discuss fact table fact table types and four steps of designing a fact table in dimensional data model described by kimball key data warehousing concepts are discussed in this.

section a data warehouse serves a different purpose from a transactional system and hence requires different underlying concepts a junk dimension can be used to make data warehouse more manageable while increasing query performance this page discusses what is a junk dimension how it can be applied and provides an ex le to illustrate its usefulness each of the data entities has their own data attributes for ex le a data attribute of the provider will be provider identification number few data attributes of the membership will be subscriber id member id one of the data attribute of claim will claim id each healthcare product or plan will be having a unique product id and so on ralph kimball is the founder of the kimball group and kimball university where he has taught data warehouse design to more than 10 000 students the fact table is the case event and it is factless in that it has no.

numerical value the dimensions would be time event type case and maybe some others depending on what other data is in the system